View Full Version : Head Unit Clipping Load

08-18-2009, 07:22 PM

I have a Pioneer DEH 4900mp. I haven't gotten around to installing my spare 2 channel amplifier yet in this car.
I am wondering if I externally amp just the front stage, will the load decrease on the head unit so that the head unit's internal amplifier will be sufficient for driving just the rears without clipping?
I already blew one stock panasonic 6.5" driver in the rear deck by clipping. I am replacing all 4 with Peerless midbass woofers and I don't want to repeat the occurrence.
I also don't want to buy another amplifier (a 4 channel), but I do want a rear sound stage (No subs in this car). I have two spare 2 channel amps, but I don't want to waste anymore space then just the one (its a lightning audio b200.2, decent cheapo fosgate knockoff). I will probably mount under the driver seat or somewhere under the dash as I want this install as simple as possible.

Bottom line: will running just the rears result in a lower strain on my aftermarket pioneer head unit so as to allow it to reach slightly higher volume without resulting in a clipped signal?