View Full Version : oxsign, awesome trader, excellent prostitute.

08-15-2009, 10:54 PM
oxsign traded me a set of fusion powerplant tweets. the good set. and they work amazing. i love how clear they are. check em out. i just put them in temp till i can mount them flush...


also he traded me a amp he thought was blown. come to find out i hooked it up and it worked. i told him about it. and even though it was a loss for him. he kept the kicker zx150.2. here is a pic of it hooked up. i had to shave my 4ga. wire to fit them in but in the end it worked perfect and pounds my jl w0 10" like a champ.


everything i got was in primo condition and he ships extremely fast. and everything shipped could have lasted the vietnam war twice.

thanks man!