View Full Version : Problems with my head unit (Dual XDMA6415)

08-12-2009, 09:40 PM
So my brother and I put a Dual XDMA6415 Just put it in 2 weeks ago. Unfortunatley my trouble started when i did not read the owners Manuel. Everything was great for the two weeks, but today a buddy and I were driven down the road listening to some tunes when my buddies phone began to die. I allowed him to plug his phone (a voyager) into the USB, thinking it would simply charge. As soon as he plugs in the phone I lose all sound. Face plate still displays and shows as if it playing a CD, however there is zero sound. My amp and crossover are on in the back, but sound also equals zero. I later read the manual in its entirety and came to find out the unit only supports WMA and MP3 files. Does anyone know if the whole unit is fried or if there is simply a blown fuse or what? Again the unit displays, and appears to be playing music on the cd and radio, but no sound. My phone also connects to the blue tooth, and people can hear me talking, but i cannot hear a thing.I have no idea how to get the sound back, and I am sure will not be long before no music = no fun. I appreciate all the help anyone has to offer!