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I have 2 xsite xs121 subs coming from a mono channel what is the difference in watts if I have the pos to pos and neg to neg coming from amp, here is where I need help, each of my subs have a total of 8 wire conection points 4 on top 4 on bottom in addition to the pos and neg connections I already made, what is the difference if I make 1 additional connection from a pos on a top to a neg on bottom of speaker, to making 2 extra connections 1 pos to pos and 1 neg to neg. that would mean on a 12 inch 4ohm dvc sub, I have 2 wires coming from my mono channel of an alpine pdx 5 to the sub, and the other wire or wires are ran to and from the same sub. I hope I have not made muyself look to stupid. thanks. to whomever can help me with this problem. p.s not to further confuse people I will also be running 1 pos and 1 neg across bottom of box to the other sub box is sealed and has no hole in box.

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I needed an andwer to my question not an imature member posting photos, that should not be on a site where people under age might be viewing, grow up.

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Im kind of lost , can you post some pics of your subs wiring combo
& what brand of subs do you have, & are they dual or single voice coils

08-08-2009, 07:48 PM
My subs are xsite xs121 which are a 12 inch, some say they are audiobahns.anyway my amp is an alpine pdx-5 which is a 5 shannel amp mine happens to be 110 watts rms x4,and 422x1 for the sub channel.right now without the sub being connected to the amp there is 2 wires connected on one side of the sub to the other side 1 pos and 1 neg, now if I connect the 1 pos and 1 neg to the amp how much,or at what ohm woulkd it be running at? same senario no wires running from amp to sub, what if there i only 1 wire connected from 1 side of the sub to the other running from pos to neg, then connect the 1 pos and 1 neg from amp to sub how much or at what ohm would I be running at then? sorry I have no pics right now to show you, will look online. p.s. they are dvc. 4 ohm.