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08-05-2009, 12:06 AM
Hello everyone. I understand I may sound rude and annoying as this is my first post here and I am coming straight out and asking for help, but please don't take it that way.

Getting right to the point....as the topic says my brand new head unit keeps randomly shutting off. About a week ago I installed new side door speakers in my vehicle, Alpine SPS-600. 2 nights ago I put in a brand new stereo head unit a Sony WRCD400-SDU. All was going well and I was so happy that I finally got a new sound system until this afternoon. On about a 30 minute drive home suddenly my stereo shuts off. I do everything but it just wont turn back on. Tonight I went for a drive again and when I turned the car on, stereo turned on just fine and I was all happy, until about 10-15 mins later it powers off again, same thing as before.

So now I'm back home typing this in desperate help. I know very little about car audio or audio at all and this is my first experience. I was hoping all the headaches would be gone after I got all the new stuff installed but I guess not. I got on google and typed in "car stereo keeps turning off" and alot of people were saying something like they need to upgrade their speakers from 2 ohm to 4 ohm because they are draining or wanting too much energy or something from the head unit (sorry for my lack of correct terms, as I said I know nothing about audio). Well my new Alpine speakers says they are 4 ohms so what gives? They also say 240 Watts Peak, 80 Watts RMS, if that helps any. Some people were telling this guy he would have to buy an amplifier, some say he didn't (I don't really know what an amp does anyway). If you need any specifications for my Sony stereo just ask and I'll post them right away.

I do like to listen to my music loud, not shake the whole town loud, but fairly loud, but I figured replacing all my old dirty factory stock speakers and stereo with brand new, quality stuff would make everything work out just fine and all would be compatible, but I guess not or maybe I'm missing something. PLEASE HELP, I'm fed up with all of this.

08-08-2009, 08:30 PM
Check all connections first, if you still cannot figure it out call Sony for tech support.

Honestly though, the Sony head unit could be the source of your problem. I have seen quite a few defective units installed in vehicles with similar issues & sound quality complaints.
If you have the opportunity to return the head unit, that may be your best bet.
Email me if you would like to purchase a good replacement, happy to help!

08-12-2009, 03:50 PM
You sure you're putting the face on all the way and correctly?!?! Take it off and put it back on, making sure everything is on right. Also make sure your wires are tight, soldered and taped behind the HU. If not, any slight bump could make the HU act up.
Oh yeah, PerformanceAudio, be careful bro. You're doing a lot of posting in this section offering services/products to people. That's not allow and absolutely NO dealers are allowed here. I'm not a mod or anything but just wouldn't want you to get banned b/c you seem to know this business and could def. contribute to the forum!


08-12-2009, 03:54 PM
sounds like you might have a speaker wire grounding out or touching metal!

08-19-2009, 01:18 AM
Also, check voltage at the rear of the radio, make sure you have a full 12 volts or more...