View Full Version : Used Kenwood Dnx 8120 Naviagtion System 750 Obo

08-03-2009, 11:09 PM
I Got A Kenwood Dnx8120 In Perfect Working Condition Comes With The Two Usb Cords The Power Adapter And The Audio Video Harness. There Is No Scratches On The Screen What So Ever. This Unit Has A Built In Bluetooth With Built In Navigation. I Am Looking To Get 750 Obo. If I Dont Have Any Bites In Three Days I Will Post It On Fleabay... Good Luck

08-04-2009, 09:47 PM
pics will help

08-07-2009, 09:09 AM
this item sold i threw it on ebay. I have my current system on there right now if you are interested. the system i have now is the eclipse AVN726e. its currently on ebay for $885 but i will listen to all your offers on here. the system is brand new installed for less than 2 weeks before i got in a fender bender 2 weeks ago and need to pay my deductible to get my vehicle fixed