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08-03-2009, 09:16 AM
Okay, I have received a number of pms about the HU I just bought so I decided to do an official review. The HU was installed July 30th 2009 and purchased from Crutchfield (I have a coupon code too so if you want $20 off pm me!).

I have used JVC headunits exclusively for the last 4 years. The look of the unit and buttons are pretty similar to the rest: rotary volume control, front USB, rear aux in and line in, cd-changer/adapter input, 3 preouts. This unit's remote is not the keychain remote however, but a larger remote with more functions.
The biggest addition at first glance is the Bongiovi Acoustics software and function. It has to be loaded from a cd-rom disc and there are instructions to do so. Not difficult at all to do and the instructions are straight forward.
After loading the Bongiovi disc it was time to try the unit out. The deck has built in graphics, but is not flashy at all. Clear text is what you will see unless you turn on the demo. Display is easy to see and the face has a tilt function. The face is also motorized. There is a cd slot and sd card slot behind the face. Scrolling is similar to the Pioneer units, but uses the up-down buttons instead of all being done on the rotary knob. Because of my use with other JVC units I did not need the manual to find all of the menu items.

The Good
Good things about this unit is the expandability. There is an aux in, line in, cd-changer/adapter in in the back that I have the ipod adapter pluged into and I haven't even gotten to the front yet. Add Cd, sd card, and usb in the front and you have many music options.
The Bongiovi Acoustics function is easy to use because after loaded all you have to do is push a button for it to work. It makes a drastic difference in imaging, almost shocking at first. it sounds good and clear. Crisp and powerful. It somehow makes the mid extend lower than the normal eq does mimicking a subwoofer. A good feature for people that want a little pound without adding a sub.
The unit is pretty easy to use straight out the box. Nothing is too difficult to figure out and setup time does not take long.

The Bad
JVC does not seem to believe in a pause button. Not very good for those competing in SPL. There is the ATT function, but this isn't the same.
The remote is not as functional as would be expected. Compared to high level pioneer decks with the remotes that allow you to punch in track numbers, this remote lacks in flexibility. Nothing is worse than constantly pushing a button to find the track you want instead of being able to directly dial in the track number.
The sub out is 2V non-fading. I would expect it to be 4V like the front and rear outs.
USB slot in the front is not separate on the face so whenever you take the face off you also have to take off the usb drive. Some may find this advantageous, but I don't.
The USB input does not accept really large usb drives. I tried using my 12gb usb drive and it would not work (file check would flash but never play). My last jvc unit would play the same usb drive so this was disappointing.

Last thoughts
For the price you are not doing much better than this unit. It does everything a high level deck should do. It does have short-comings, but for the price you cannot beat it.

09-13-2009, 06:20 PM
in case you are wondering what it looks like tada