View Full Version : Just curious, best sub/port position in a trans am..

07-31-2009, 04:26 PM
Dono if im gona do it or not, just might throw one, maybe both in there and see how ridiculously loud it is. Its an 82 trans am, hatch obviously. There is no way in hell i can fit even one in the back part, so it would be on the back seat folded down i think. I had two DD 1508s in it, the only way they were loud was if they were in the rear well area, subs firing towards hatch, and port to the drivers side. Im thinking if i tried to just put the subs facing up in the back seat it wouldnt get that loud. By the way its two 15s forgot to mention that. Maybe just one cuz it needs alot of space. Would i want to just fire it towards the rear or what? And what way do i want the port?