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10-28-2003, 01:58 PM
Hi we need some pro installers around the indiana area to do a sponsored vehicle install. The install will include 4 fifteens, 3 amps stiff caps and wiring, and door speaker component sets and more. All products minus the head unit (which will need to be able to play videos in two TV locations) monitors and additional batteries or alternators if needed are provided.

We will be touring with Impulse Produtions and 360 Video in at least twelve large population areas, as well as Clear Channel Entertainmet events and much more. We are not a car shop or anything related to car audio so you get all the attention in that manner. We are actually a team of extreme athletes that perform at these events (theres a lot more i did not mention such as X-games, and Vans Warped Tour, gravity games and more). We will gladly place any advertisiments leading to your website or business contact information at our autograoph booths, on the athletes (Stickers on helmets and so forth) trailers for the vehicles as well as the vehicles them selves (3 vehicles all together only one of them needs the head unit and tv's, and actully one will be getting done in Florida for anyone interested in florida area). The vehicle will be featured on the Fox Sports Network show 54321. And you will also be doing an install for the car audio company which will be featured on their website.

The only parameters for the vehicle are the need for it to look nice. other than that you have full reign on whatever happens to the truck minus actual changes made to the vehicle itself, like hacking off the roof or something rediculous, but boxes, installs or whatever are completely up to the installer, and will reflect your abilities to perform top notch installations. we have a sema installer ready to go but hes way too far away for this thing and i figure maybe some company on here would be able to do the install.

If you have a website that you would like to have promoted we can definately get you national recognition through an avenue that most car audio enthusiasts wouldnt see such as the monster truck shows, x-games, gravity games, vans warped tour and so forth. the potential for the right installer is there. If you are ready to make an impact and broaden your audience to a much larger 18-24 demographic then we will be waiting to hear from you. Simply PM me with your contact information or reply here.

Sorry if this doesnt belopng here but it was an installation help category so if not please move it to the right spot please.

Thanks all


also if im breaking a rule please let me know i wasnt sure but figured why not since you guys are the experts. Who better to ask about this.

also in case your interested about our sponsor list that you will be associated with and we have a 100% re-sponsorship rate (meaning we havent lost a sponsor yet) that means we get results:

GV3 Studios
Impulse Productions
360 Video
Red Bull
Phoenix Gold
Clear Channel
Bully Bikes
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10-28-2003, 11:28 PM
I'm an experienced fabricator and installer. I live a few hours from indy, but I'd be willing to rent out a motel for a venture of this sort. I have a fully stocked wood and fiberglass fabrication shop in wellston ohio, but the local market and economy keep me from getting my name out much or doing the type of installs that I am capable of. If you are interested, shoot me a PM and we can explore some options on ways for you to get an idea of the type of work I do.

10-30-2003, 06:14 PM
well we have an installer set up that just did some stuff for the show in Vegas for MTX. they are putting in a slot ported fiberglass box (like i know what that even is) and supposed to be loud. He had a pair of twelves that were louder than hell, but then again its not four fifteens and i dont really knowwhat the hell its ognna sound like but the sponsor insisted i use them since they called them and asked to do it and had SEMA and CES experience with large companies.

So hence there it goes, now i've got kenwood calling me to sponsor the head units and TV's. I wanted to go through a shop cause they get the best promotional value from it cause kenwood doesnt care who's name go's on it nor does anyone else as long as they get their brand name out there. But at any rate if someone wants to do the head units and TV's were game for that as its a coprorate thing with Kenwood so its supposed to take (originally two days to a week) one week to two weeks. Its just a thought, as these guys dont sell anythign they just install it. But hell if you have a website its not a bad idea to have it mentioned on national television. Or featured in a TV show either, or to have it on all the vehicles and trailers and on the helmets fo the riders and ont he t-shirtsof the riders at the X-games and gravity games and the vans warped tour. Its a whole lot of advertising and since were just delving into the car ausdio market were setting the benchmarks now. SO basically you can get into this for whatever a deck and a couple of TV's cost rather than paying us to go to shows and showcase your products and so forth. At any rate i'll answer any PM's or posts.

11-01-2003, 11:32 AM
What equipment are you putting in this thing besides the Kewood stuff? Onyx Mobile Audio is based in southern Indiana and they have excellent products and could probably give you a hand. Might wanna give them a shout.

11-02-2003, 04:49 PM
wel heres whats going in so far: four fifteen inch titaniums, 2 octane R 15.0:1 (1500 watt mono block amps), four sets of components for the doors normally two sets would be fine one for the front and one for the back but four will offset the overwhlming bass thing i guess , 1 Octane R 8.0:4 (125x4 at four ohms). Oh yeah some stiffening caps, a bass cube, some digital read out things, and EQ and some other cosmetic stuff. Kenwood is still in the air (they have to go through their approval process) the PG stuff already shipped (already approved only took like three weeks, :) ). I just want to get a sweet head unit cause right now its a janky JVC MP3 player (the cheapest one i could get that played mp3's 160.00). The people that tell me what i should try and get are trying to get me to get a flip out deck but i dont know if thats gonna be good or gonna break if its getting beat all to hell by four fifteens. I would be cool with a modded dash with a screen in it and so are the installers, i just gotta see what i can get as far as a head unit and tv's, cause if i get a good head unit they are most likely gonna want me to use their TV's as well. Like if i get a kenwood or an pioneer they wont want me using some audivox TV's. Sponsors are funny like that. They want their name on everything (obvioulsy). Shop sponsors are a lot better about getting you your stuff quickly as opposed to coprporate cause you dont have to go through the corporate chain of commnd to get it done. Mind you we havent done any car audio stuff with shops, but rims and whatever we do through local shops. When we need new tires or whatever we just shoot through and they put them on. Where as if i was going through Dayton or whatever it would take me calling them getting the approval then getting to the shop they wanted me to use for the rims or tires. Plus the shop actually gets more business through that and their name is more widley spread.