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07-29-2009, 02:25 PM
so i am new...

i came here to look up as much info as i can-my old stereo has gotten to a point that there is not one piece that i am happy with, so i am looking to upgrade everything---it started out in my old car, and after switching cars, i ended up maing baffles to mount the front speakers.

currently, my setup consists of a computer for all audio processing, and music, and am running 4th order active crossovers(most are chelbyshelv arrangment, w/0.01 ripple, the sub is using a butterworth lp, also at 4th order) to a sony 600x2 bridged to 2 kicker cvr's, and a alpine 75x4 running the front stage, pioneer 5 1/4" components.

my plan as of now is to upgrade amps to jl's new hd series and to use 2 10w7's for subs, and possibly some hybrid audio technologies drivers for the front stage.

but the hd series are expensive, as are the HAT drivers, so i am looking for something comparable for much less money...