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07-28-2009, 06:29 PM
Im going to college and want to change some stuff before i go.
Here is my current setup:
HEADUNIT: Pioneer P3000IB

SUB: KICKER CVT12 12" @ 2OHM - 400W RMS Cont
AMP FOR SUB: Kicker ZX400.1 @ 2OHM - 400W RMS Cont

So What i want to do is change out my Headunit to something more hightech.
I want something with a screen for a backup camera and possible dvd playback but since i'm going to college i dont think that's the best idea to get a big 7" screen.. Others have told me people break in anyways if i have a single din deck or a double din screen.
I also want Bluetooth built into the thing.

So some stuff that i have to have is Bluetooth built in, and a Reverse Camera Input, SD Card for Music so i dont have to keep my ipod in the car.. but if no SD Card then either USB thumbdrive or ipod capability.
a 7" screen would be best, but a 4" would also be fine i guess to fit in the single din that i already have.

Ive seen cheap decks on Ebay from hong kong and stuff but i didnt want to go with them because they probably dont have high pass filters, and most of their sub outs are Mono, not redandwhite.

Please help me find something that will work for me, my budget is <300$
Ive seen some nice stuff on Sonix, and how good are Boss and Farenheit?

07-28-2009, 06:57 PM
about as good as dual or jensen... crap