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07-27-2009, 02:23 PM
Before I start... The equipment that I will be using is only temporary and I am just using it to better my box building skills and testing a box in my car. I know it's not all that good! Now.... I have four Lanzar LP8 8 ohm subwoofers that I want to build an enclosure for is there anyone who can put the T/S parameters into a program and find out what size box I need and what it should be tuned to? It's going into a Mercury Grand Marquis and each woofer will be given the 200 watts of power from a Lanzar Vibe 1200d wired to 2 ohms. I listen to rap and r&b and am looking for SQL ( as much as expected considering)

The box sizes given seem rather larger

The Parameters are:
8 Inch Woofer
Handles up to 200 Watts RMS
Industrial Grade Kevlar Cone
Powder-Coated Cast Alley Basket
Dual Spider Suspension
Double-thick Multi-Layer Surround
Intercooled Rear-Vented Back Plates
High Temp Kapton Polymide Voice Coils
Power Handling RMS 200 Watts
Detailed Specs

Power Handling RMS 200 Watts
Sealed 0.5 to 1.25 Cuft
Small Vented 1.1 Cuft
Medium Vented 1.47 Cuft
Large Vented 2 Cuft
OD 8 Inch
Impedance DCR 6.62 Ohms
Fs 49.7 Hz
Qm 10.49
Qe 0.58
Qt 0.55
Vas (sd) 20.10 liters
Xmas 4.23 (mm)
Mounting Depth 4.25 Inch
Voice Coil 2 Inch
SD (SqCM) 216
EBP 85.84
VD (CC) 91.36

07-27-2009, 04:07 PM
ttt, need help badly!!