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10-24-2003, 02:18 AM
well to be honest i have no idea abou this stuff yet but am gonna be getting into it pretty good im sure. Well heres my first install that doesnt ****. I have four fifteen inch PG titanium elites running off of some big ol' octane R amps. the installer wants to make the box fire straight up. i hear that theres a phasing issue with that. whats the direction they need to face like angle wise to not experience phase outs. i dont want to wall it off, so i want to figure out what angles the speakers need to fire so it wont phase out the base. now heres the other thing its not for competition but rather to draw attention to the vehicle at shows (we are an extreme athlete team and its jsut to draw people over to our area) so SPL is not a concern as much as making it louder than hell out side the vehicle. So people get the "WTF is that" thing going on, and come over to our area. its going to made with MDF if thats important and in a sealed box for range purposes cause were not just listening to bass music and you only gain like three db from using a slot ported or some other ported box (right?). any thoughts on a good angle to avoid the phase out thing? Oh yeah its in an expedition too. i dont know if that matters or not so i'll put it in.

10-24-2003, 04:46 AM
you amaze me

10-24-2003, 12:48 PM
well if ur trying to be loud to get people over to u then i'd got ported. fire the subs anywhere u want. i'd prefer towards the rear. that always seems louder to me.

10-24-2003, 01:31 PM
well doesnt that make the bass all poopty then? like if you only have music that plays at 56 htz and then anything else either sounds like poop below or above that frequency? Were gonna be loud enough to push 150DB i think, and thats all we want. other than that were just gonna be kicking out some jams when we start rocking out to some punk and stuff the bass cube thingy is supposed to be able to be set so it wont cause problems liek way too much bass for the music. im not a sound quality or spl guy but i dont want to listen to NOFX bass lines and miss the rest of the song, like lyrics and stuff cause im overwhelmed by bass action. But when were gonna draw over the people we need to have some hittin *** bass. Is it just slot ported boxes that **** for range or is it all boxes **** for range with bass ports?

Thanks guys for the help and bearing with my complete lacxk of any knowledge. We jsut started this project in september and i started with three 12's in a bandpass box. trying to achieve the same thing. so go figure out that horse **** of an idea. LOL yeah real loud all over the place right, like in the truck and then real nasty out side the truck. To tell you had bad i am in buying i almost bought the bazooka NOS bass tubes, i thoguht they were ugly biut they were on sale. how funny woudl that have been to have four huge *** fake NOS tanks in the back of my truck. lol, ahhhh well gotta start somewhere right.

10-24-2003, 04:51 PM
no way in hell ur gonna hit 150 with sealed boxes. if u tune 56, it will amplify all the frequencies above 56. but u'll miss alot of the frequencies under 56. alot of rap is under 56 so u won't be able to play that.

all ports r the same mostly. slot ports, round ports, square ports. i don't think u have had any real experience with ported boxes.

10-25-2003, 12:18 AM
so can i tune the box at like 26 hurtz and it will still beat the lamas ***? PG told me i could hit about 150 with this in a sealed box. I just like sealed cause i always thought they sounded tighter, not as deep by any means but much tighter. Im only gonna be bassing to attract people and the most of the time jammin to some rock stuff (or so i say now). But this guy i was talking about with a slot ported box has it tuned to 56htz and he cant play anythign else or it will tear up his speakers and sound like *** (according to him that is).

I have no idea so i will ask but im sure theres some problem with this. can i have two subs ported and then two sealed, or is that just ****ing stupid and totally phase out type of thing.

Now if i go with the ported design will i be straight with rock or is it gonna sound all assy like my bandpass box wich is tuned really well but it only really hits on certain deep notes. Rock and anything else thats not jigga-bassy or techno sounds sorta ******, so i'll hit some low bass and it will hit hard then they go higher notes and its all gone. Liek if im jammin to some big tymers im dropping some bass but if i go with old school booty higher pitch bass it sounds like crap.

My previous experience:
When i was 17 i had 2 kicker comps and a HF zuess that beat like a ****er in a sealed box that was pretty much a sealed/bass ported box. it had four fifteens firing straight down (meaning under the box firing at the floor) and the two sides lifted the sealed box about three inches from the bottom of the vehicle so it had room under the box so they werent lying on the floor and that created like a slot port on both ends, but thing hit like a crazy. It literally broke my car apart. Now i would do that but its not going to be pretty for PG and it has to be pretty. So unless i figure out some way to make that pretty its not gonna happen.

basic questions broke down:

so if i port to some low hurtz i can still hit the high notes too witha ported box?

You cant tune a sealed box right?

will 2 ported and 2 sealed woprk or is that a bad idea?

what about the facing down situation (subs under the box firing down at the floor) what the hell is that called?

any thoughts on the subs on the bottom thing good or bad??

sealed wont hit the deep notes?

Ported can hit high notes?

can i be any stupider? lol (rhetorical)

Once again thanks for the help guys!

10-25-2003, 04:22 AM

1. Yes you can still hit those high notes, maybe just a decrease in volume in the higher region but the notes that get people to turn the heads ( in my opinion ) are the low notes.

2. Correct sealed boxes are not "tuned" to a specific hz

3. Generally you want to avoid that because that my cause some cancellation and make you music spikey ( it'll play some notes LOUD and some notes SOFT )

4. That is ok if you have the same total clearance around the exit area at the bottom as you do cone area.

5. Personally i believe it takes away from some of the volume because it is blocking some of the front wave... unless the area that the subs area facing is really rigid.

6. Sealed enclosures don't hit the low notes as well as the ported enclosures becuase the back wave is not there to reinforce the front wave. With 4 15" in either case you will be able to hit low notes but the ported will give you a significant gain in that department.

7. Like i said before ported enclosures can hit high notes, maybe not quite as clear ( if not tuned to play high ) as a sealed but it will play them.

Any More questions... or if anybody sees if i wrote something wrong just correct me.

11-29-2003, 12:06 AM
i got my best sound out of a custom sealed box firin straight back. in my opinion sealed boxes done right hit harder and cleaner than ported or bandpass. in turn, this gives more "boom." just ask anyone of my neighbors within a 2 block radius. peace.

12-12-2003, 02:19 PM
is there a difference when porting to 28 as opposed to 32? Whiich ones gonna give me more wang and sound the best?

12-13-2003, 01:57 PM
tuning to 28 will make ur box peak about 33. which is good for sq. tuning 32 will peak 37-38 which will wang hard. i'd go 32 if u have a ssf.