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07-19-2009, 05:46 PM
Thought I would share a few picks of a sub box my son and I completed last weekend. When we bought the truck it had a ratty down-firing box with two Kicker C-12's. That box and those subs had to go. He wanted a forward-firing box. So after a lot of measuring and some help from an enginner friend of mine, we came up with a forward firing design for four (4) JL 10W3V3's.

I built some 3" seat risers out of 3" tubing by cutting the tubing into a "C" shape. This got the seat up so we could get some cubes. Building the bottom of the box to fit over the driveshaft hump was interesting. The hump gets taller and wider toward the rear of the cab. So working out the angles was fun. :rolleyes:

The box turned out great. It is 12.5" tall on the front face. The depth at the bottom is 16". Overall length is 56". I decided to double the face thickness to 1.5" which robbed some cubes, but it still ended up at 1.42 cubes per side with a 3/4" divider in the middle. You can get about 1.65 cubes per side if you go with a 3/4" face.

I wired the 4-ohm subs in series to bring them out to the amp at 4-ohms for SQ. I packed in about 36 ounces of polyfil before gluing and screwing the top on. Right now he's running the subs off the rear channel of a RF 850.4. As funds become available, we'll be looking to by a class D amp that puts out 1000-2000W at 4-ohms.

If anyone would like a CAD drawing, I can mail you one. Just PM me. I'll need to go back and change some of the measurements to reflect the "as built" dimensions. I hope I can get these pics loaded up.


07-19-2009, 05:49 PM
looks nice...you gonne carpet it tho right?...or paint?

07-19-2009, 06:02 PM
Yeah, we'll get to that soon. But at age 14, he had to get the box in there and crank it up. Actually sounds pretty cool with just 107 watts per sub off that 850.4. And don't gie me a ration about buying my son a truck at age "near-15". It's been a great father-son project for us and he'll get his permit next month.

We're thinking about carpeting the box and then doing a diamond plate aluminum front. There's some open space on the face in the center between the subs. We're thinking about cutting a circle out of the diamond plate and install a JL logo over the carpet that remains. Who knows. That's what makes this stuff fun is you have a lot of options. Of course, if we go diamond plate, good old Dad will have the Dremel out grinding down all the diamonds to get a nice flush speaker fit to the plate. :rolleyes:

Here are a few more pics. This truck is a beast. It has a 7" Bulletproof suspension lift and a 3" body lift, and riding on 18" Moto-Metals with 37" Nitto Terra Grapplers. As you might expect, he's rather proud of his ride! That's his Dad's "baby truck" in the background. Makes my Z-71 look like a toy.

07-20-2009, 08:03 AM
ole country boi lol great build man that is a great father son project can't wait till my son get of age for something like this. my dad i shared our love for music but when i went to playing with subs an such he didn't too much care for that, so thats why i am so ready for one of my kids to take it too.