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Hot Rides
07-18-2009, 09:16 AM

The next show in the Streetwise Drift series will be Sunday August 9th at the Metrolina Expo.

Metrolina Expo
7100 Statesville Rd
Charlotte NC 28269
Mapquest map of Show location (http://www.mapquest.com/maps?city=Charlotte&state=NC&address=7100+Statesville+Rd&zipcode=28269)

The show will be the same format.
50+ classes
$20 for you to show your car
$10 for anyone else
$10 for SPL contest, $5 off if your in the show
$10 for Loudest Exhaust contest, $5 off if your in the show

Club participation trophy has a new format.
To be counted as a club all drivers must list the club on their registration sheet and have a club sticker on their car. No exceptions!

Registration will be from 10am - 2pm
Sound comp. 2pm - 4pm
Judging Noon - 4pm
Awards between 5pm & 6pm

07-18-2009, 11:29 AM
Any SPL results from the last show?

Last show was on my son's birthday, so I should be able to make this one.

Hot Rides
07-20-2009, 11:29 AM
Any SPL results from the last show?

Last show was on my son's birthday, so I should be able to make this one.

10" and under - 134dB
1 12" sub - 142.3dB
2 12" subs - 141.9dB
exhaust - 150.1dB

and one of our volunteers had an earth shattering exhaust reading of 171dB but he was not in the comp.

07-21-2009, 01:58 AM
Im going to check this show out.

Hot Rides
07-23-2009, 07:14 PM
Want to show your car for free?

Head over to our website (http://hot-rides.net/forum/shows/car-show-august-9th/) for all the details.

Hot Rides
08-05-2009, 08:55 AM
Bump for the weekend!

Hot Rides
08-20-2009, 07:50 PM
Here are some pics from this show. Click on a picture to go straight to the gallery for more.

http://hot-rides.net/coppermine/albums/2009/streetwise/08-09%20metro/Brian%201/normal_20090809-Streetwise_0003.jpg (http://hot-rides.net/coppermine/index.php?cat=40)

http://hot-rides.net/coppermine/albums/2009/streetwise/08-09%20metro/Brian%202/normal_20090809-Streetwise_0004.jpg (http://hot-rides.net/coppermine/index.php?cat=40)

http://hot-rides.net/coppermine/albums/2009/streetwise/08-09%20metro/Brian%202/normal_20090809-Streetwise_0028.jpg (http://hot-rides.net/coppermine/index.php?cat=40)

http://hot-rides.net/coppermine/albums/2009/streetwise/08-09%20metro/Brian%201/normal_20090809-Streetwise_0096.jpg (http://hot-rides.net/coppermine/index.php?cat=40)

http://hot-rides.net/coppermine/albums/2009/streetwise/08-09%20metro/Brian%201/normal_20090809-Streetwise_0104.jpg (http://hot-rides.net/coppermine/index.php?cat=40)

http://hot-rides.net/coppermine/albums/2009/streetwise/08-09%20metro/Brian%201/normal_20090809-Streetwise_0113.jpg (http://hot-rides.net/coppermine/index.php?cat=40)

http://hot-rides.net/coppermine/albums/2009/streetwise/08-09%20metro/Brian%203/normal_20090809-Streetwise_0152.jpg (http://hot-rides.net/coppermine/index.php?cat=40)

http://hot-rides.net/coppermine/albums/2009/streetwise/08-09%20metro/Brian%203/normal_20090809-Streetwise_0214.jpg (http://hot-rides.net/coppermine/index.php?cat=40)

http://hot-rides.net/coppermine/albums/2009/streetwise/08-09%20metro/Brian%202/normal_20090809-Streetwise_0454.jpg (http://hot-rides.net/coppermine/index.php?cat=40)

http://hot-rides.net/coppermine/albums/2009/streetwise/08-09%20metro/Brian%202/normal_20090809-Streetwise_0496.jpg (http://hot-rides.net/coppermine/index.php?cat=40)