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07-17-2009, 11:04 PM
:furious:Come Here For Your Needs: Download AVI Format Movie !
Do you hear of avi format? What kind of converter could achieve converting DVD to AVI? I have being looked for the tool like this for a long time, because i know avi not only has good compatibility and is convenient to set parameter but also is converted with surprising picture quality, though its size is a little bigger you are allowed to adjust AVI visual window ( you know the window is bigger the data amount is larger! )
What do you think about AVI format, not bad, ahha? Moreover, the most important is it supports editting and settling files with Adobe Premiere or Media Studio. So we can edit movie according to our own taste. Recently a friend recommends a economical useful tool name Shine DVD to AVI Converter (http://www.audiotoolsfactory.com/dvd-to-avi.html). Have you learned about it or even used it? Are there some better products, just list as following~ thanks ^^:eek: