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10-23-2003, 12:49 AM
the review is on the clarion dxz835mp.
its an mp3/wma cd player. some specs include dual 24bit dac's, 728 color display, 3 sets of 4volt pre-outs, and motorized removeable face plate.
my previous unit was a pioneer 7400mp, it was a great unit, but it had two annoyances. first, the menu's are long and confusing, may not be a bad thing if you knew how to use it all, but it isn't the easiest for newbies (like me). also, the mp3 playback was too slow, it got annoying really fast (although i heard this is changed in this years model, which would make it a great unit too).
now, onto the clarion. the quality of the unit is great. the buttons and the retractable volume knob have a nice feel to them. the subwoofer level control switch on the front of the face is great, makes changing sub level so fast and easy, this is one of the reasons i bought the unit. the display is nice, but nothing special, clarion doesn't seem to go all into the display like other companies, but that may be good or bad, depending on how you like it. the menu's are easy to use, i didn't have to read the manual to figure everything out. the unit reads mp3's and wma's quickly 9after the initial file read when the disc is first inserted). it wont read wma's encoded at over 192khz. the remote for the unit is kinda big, but fits well in your hand. it doesn't do a lot of the functions, but for basic functions, it works fine.
only real bad thing i can say about the unit is the EQ. i feel that a unit that retails for $400 at most stores (not counting online), it should have a 5 band parametric EQ, and a high pass filter (it has a low pass filter for the subwoofer, you can select 50hz, 80hz, or 120hz as the cut off frequencies).
overall, very happy with the unit, its great, and not a bad value.