View Full Version : Recommend good deck for good price? Alpine, maybe pioneer?

07-11-2009, 08:14 PM
I currently have an Alpine CDA-9851, its a pretty decent deck, nothing bad but i wouldnt mind upgrading to something with more options on it. Reason is the only adjustments you can make to this thing is, bass, treble, and the frequency of both. Not much for tuning huh?

I really like the alpine and how it functions and everything. Ive also had pioneer and seemed to like those. So, can anyone recommend me a nice alpine or pioneer deck with some more tuning options, and is a fairly decent price? Id like to sell my 9851 to go towards a new deck. It needs to play mp3 cds, and have three sets of pre-amp outputs. At the moment thats all i can think of as far as things i need/want it to have.

Im thinking one of the older alpines, the ones that have about the same look as mine, but have many more options. Maybe one with 4 volt pre outs, time correction, which by the way what exactly does "time correction" do? And will it benefit me?

Thanks for any input.

07-11-2009, 08:21 PM
What's a "good" price? Look into Eclipse decks too.
I own the Premier 800PRS and a DEH-P690UB in the past. See if you can find the 690. No time correction, but that was a sweet *** HU.
The Eclipse I'm currently running has 8 volt preouts, time alingnment and a few other features.

07-11-2009, 08:22 PM
I upgraded from a CDA-7863 that I had for nine years.
I ended up buying the CDA-9887. It was 312.00 shipped on Ebay.
If you like the Alpines then I dont see a reason to change. That was my decision anyway.
You could also opt for the 9886. Still nice deck but has less options.
If you can find an older deck then go for it. But for adjustability the 9887 was for me. YMMV.
Time correction is something you use to correct distance from speaker to speaker so you dont have any delay between speakers that are different distances away.
Thats my take on it.
Personally I have not used mine yet.
I also thought about a Pioneer but since my previous deck lasted so long I decided to stay with what was working for me.

07-11-2009, 08:30 PM
Hmm, i may not need time correction. I mean my 4 channel and speakers at the moment are total cheap **** honestly. I wont look for anything with time correction, dont think ill need it. Just know that i saw some older alpines with that stuff on it and wondered if it would benefit me, but i doubt it will.

As far as a good price, im thinking up to 150 for something used? Not looking for anything really fancy. But would like to have more options, cuz like i said the 9851 is fairly basic.

I really like the look of the older alpines more than the new ones, like the layout of the buttons and stuff. But a newer, nicer display would be pretty sweet too.

I also read that the higher volt pre-outs dont actually help much? I read that on the site. Never had higher volt ones, but what is everyones take on picking a deck with higher volt pre outs? Mine right now is only 2 volts.