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07-10-2009, 07:36 PM
My friend has am Infiniti I30 with optional stereo upgrade that has pre-amped speakers. His 2 rear deck speakers are blown.

I haven't had a chance to look at the sizes or what speakers he needs, or if he has an optional sub or not yet, but I did tell him I'd fix/replace what was needed for him.

My question at this point is simply what is a great speaker for his needs, which are below:

Music taste: Techno, trance, ambient, pop, classical.
Speaker size: 6.75" (Crutchfield source)
Pre-amped, unknown wattage.

Anyhow, any ideas at this point? He loves his bass, but he listen to stuff that requires quality reproduction as well. I know Boston Acoustics, Morel, Cerwin Vega, and some others were highly regarded last time I had my hand in car audio (3 years ago), but stuff has most likely come out that is better by now.


07-10-2009, 07:52 PM
A quick sample from a site I used to buy from:

Cerwin Vega 65 series: http://www.millionbuy.com/cevvega65.html
Boston Acoustic S65: http://www.millionbuy.com/bacs65.html
Boston Acoustic SX65: http://www.millionbuy.com/bacsx65.html
Premier TSD701's: http://www.millionbuy.com/piotsd701p.html
Polk Audio MM651: http://www.millionbuy.com/plkmm651.html

I remember there being great forum wide reviews for the Pioneer Premier D series speakers, and the paper specs look great for the buck. I personally had the last gen. Polk MM651's and used it as a midbass in the rear doors, Great midbass hit with super clear tweeters, but they were power hungry and my friend only has stock ampage. Boston Acoustics used to have great midbass reviews, with solid reproduction reviews. I've never heard a Cerwin vega product though.

If there is any you'd like to suggest, I'd love to see it, I've been out of the game probably long enough to not know of some stuff :)

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07-11-2009, 12:20 PM
NM, It's a J30 so it has rear 6x9's and a set of 4" components in the front.

Still, is the TS-D line the best bang for buck with his needs in mind?

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07-13-2009, 10:11 PM
Ok, so I need help now.

Anyone have access to Bose information? The Bose system uses a post-head unit type amplifier built into the speaker. The amp is this: http://www.zip-corvette.com/Zip/productr.asp?pf_id=I-2099&utm_source=Google&utm_campaign=base071309&utm_medium=base

the 96 Corvette and I suspect the 94 Cadillac :http://cgi.ebay.ca/CADILLAC-DELCO-BOSE-REAR-SPEAKER-AMPLIFIER_W0QQitemZ250461510082QQcmdZViewItem

Unfortunately, I cannot for the life of me find ANY specs for the amplifier to know what speaker to match up to it.