View Full Version : Kenwood excelon x693 vs x991

06-30-2009, 06:11 PM
Right now I have an x991 deck that has been in my car for almost 2 years and its the best I've ever had, but this friday someone broke into my car and I had my thumb drive plugged in. So the moron instead of yanking the **** thing out cut the usb cable.

I did fix it cutting another usb cable and then uniting both cables. This had me going through new HUs and I've decided on the new x693.

Its the same as the x993 sans the bluetooth that I will never use, and feature wise it has all I need. Its a shame to do down from 5v pre-out to 4v, but I dont think I'll notice the difference.

My concern is the pre-out impedace...the x991 has < 80 and the x693 has < 600 which seems like a lot. Will this be a huge difference? How high should the impedance be?