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06-29-2009, 01:56 AM
How to transfer and convert DVD to iPhone 3GS

With the release of new iPhone 3GS, some are upgrading to the new phone and some who aren't. The advertising point of the new iPhone 3GS are the video recording, faster and longer battery life. The 3GS is a nice step up. The "S" could represent several elements, such as snapshot with clearer image, software update with better integration, speed for better processor.
With better performance and improved graphics, you can enjoy good quality DVD movie on iPhone 3GS widescreen. Do you know how to enjoy DVD movie on iPhone 3G or iPHone 3GS? Here is the guide for you to keep video quality when converting DVD to iPhone 3GS. This guide is also useful for those who use iPhone 3G.

Part I. Convert DVD to iPhone 3GS

Step 1. Download and install Pavtube DVD to iPhone 3GS Converter (http://www.pavtube.com/dvd_to_iphone/), and run it.

Step 2. Add DVD movie by clicking "DVD Rom", "DVD Folder", or "IFO File" according to your preferences. "DVD Rom" is the most convenient way to load the all the chapters of a DVD.

Step 3. Specify output file. Make sure that the output format is iPhone Movie or iPhone Video if you want to watch on iPhone, or choose MP3 if you want to extract the audio only. You can also set the output folder by clicking the browse button on "Output".

Step 4. Click "Convert" to get DVD movie into iPhone file format. The conversion begins, and you just need to wait for a while.

Part II. Keep better quality with advanced settings.

Click "Settings" button beside the "Format", and you will face a pop-up window to change bitrate, video size, frame rate, audio bitrate, sample rate, etc. A higher bitrate will provide better video quality, but it will also larger the file size. If you don't mind about the file size, just choose the highest one. Otherwise, keep testing to find the best one for you with the quality and size.

The converter also includes other editing options for you to get the video to your preferences.
Adjust video You can change video effects like brightness, contrast, etc. to make the video better for you to watch on iPhone.
Trim video - If you just want to enjoy specific episode of the DVD movie on iPhone 3GS, click Edit > Trim to cut off the unwanted part.
Crop video - You can cut the black boards or unwanted board from the image. The converter offers aspect ratio for you, so that you can make it consistent with the iPhone 3GS screen. Otherwise, iPhone will automatically display the video.

Part III. Transfer video to iPhone 3GS with iTunes.

Step 1.. Run iTunes and add the output video to iTunes library.
Step 2. Connect iPhone 3GS with your computer
Step 3. Click File > Sync iPhone in iTunes.
Your DVD video is ready on iPhone 3GS then. It is so easy to enjoy the favorite DVD movie on iPhone 3GS.

If you are using Mac OS, this popular DVD to iPhone 3GS Converter for Mac (http://www.pavtube.com/dvd-to-iphone-converter-mac/) is the right one for you.

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Vow, really? It's great to have this news. It is the cheapest in the market with full functions and simple operations. I'd like to have a shot at using this. Thank you for your sharing.

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nice guide .thank you very much. I did it !HAHA~