View Full Version : what would you do with these woofer specs

06-25-2009, 12:01 PM
Hey got a set of subs super cheap and what to know what you guys would do with these specs. Keep in mind, company says 0.5 cube sealed with about 350watts.

Power Rating RMS Cont. 250 Watts
Max Power Rating-Unclipped Amp 350 Watts
Freq Response 25-150 Hz
Nominal Imp 8 Ohms
Voice Coil 2" 4 Layer
FS 25.18 Hz
Qms 8.8040
Qes 0.3579
Qts 0.3439
Vas 67.30 Liters
Cms 0.3994E-03 M/N
Re 6.93Ohms
BL 17.505 Newtons/Amp
Sd 0.034636 Sq. m.
Mms 0.100017 Kg
Hvc 0.980"
Hag 0.375"
Xmax 0.303"
Xlin 0.605"
Ref Eff 0.2885%
Predicted Output 86.802 DB/1W/

Could a 4th order work here? I have 2 and will wire them for a 4 ohm load.