View Full Version : ported 15 only 18" tall

06-18-2009, 05:48 PM
hey guys i was wondering if i could get a ported box that was only 18" tall that would still fit a 15" sub in and sound good tuned to like 34 or so jw if this would work

06-18-2009, 07:31 PM
my box is 16inches tall for my 15

06-18-2009, 07:35 PM
as long as you have the dept and length to give it the proper airspace you should be good.

06-18-2009, 07:35 PM
well yea y couldn't u, i suggest u pay someone on here to design your box for u my old 15 box was 16.5 inches tall

06-18-2009, 07:36 PM
my box is 16inches tall for my 15

I've had boxes as short as 16" tall for 15s as well.

06-18-2009, 07:38 PM
i run a 17" tall box for my 15 and not disapointed

06-18-2009, 07:40 PM
my box is only 20" tall tuned to 36 but its 40 w x 26 deep.

06-18-2009, 10:06 PM
ok guys thanks for all your help i didnt know if it needed to be a specific height or not

06-18-2009, 11:35 PM
just has to be tall enough for the sub to fit on the baffle. GF's set up is 15 3/4" tall for her 15" Q, so it's right at the edge, but works fine.

06-18-2009, 11:55 PM
my 15 box is 15.5 an it fits just good but i did learn that it is wise to double baffle then beauty panel or flush panel to keep it strong cause after you cut that ring there isn't much room for screws only glue. so you want it strong an solid.