View Full Version : Speakers Need an Amp

06-18-2009, 02:01 AM
Currently Im running the Phoenix Gold RSD5cs up front with the tweeter, crossover with 0db, and the 5.25" midbass. I also have Pioneer TSA6991R 5-way 6x9s in the rear deck. Both sets of speakers are 4 ohms. The PG RSDs are 5W RMS minimum and 120W peak. The Pioneers are 2-80W RMS and peak at 460W. Im thinking some where around 50-60RMS for the comps and 6x9s would be perfect. Im not looking to spend a ton of money on an amp.

Would it be better to go with a 2 channel amp and wire the fronts down to 2 ohms and the back down to 2 ohms or go with a 4 channel amp and wire each speaker on its own at 4 ohms? I think it would be easier to tune at 2 ohms.

With the above specs Im looking for around [email protected] ohms or around [email protected] ohms. What amps should I consider in that output range?

Im not sure if I can run active or not. I really dont have the time to tune it, but Im not opposed to running active. It may just be awhile before I can get it tuned the way it would need to be.