View Full Version : Center Channel Help

06-15-2009, 10:15 PM
hey im interested in running a center channel speaker. my current setup is: pioneer z2, cdt-ef series components, 10w6v2, jl 300/2 and 500/1 amps. first off, is it possible to wire in a center channel with my current setup? would it need to be amped? does staging play a big part here? i have a place directly in front of my shifter that would be perfect. would anyone recommend a good center channel? thanks for the help

06-15-2009, 11:12 PM
this is the area where id like to put it. that pocket right in front of my shift knob. what is everyones input on me putting a couple 4in midranges in there when i upgrade to 3way?


06-18-2009, 10:05 PM
you would need the processing for a center channel. How did you plan on wiring it up? Combined L and R channel? aka mono...