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Re: installed hertz mlk 165's and not impressed


11-11-08...so too late to probably reply and mean anything...
No midbass in MLK 165's?!... Well, who installed these, and what brackets were built, and what sound-deadining was done?... because I have these in my car and the mid bass, and even real bass down to 70 Hz is very substantial and real, so..

Please do not "diss" this speaker system for it is very accurate and real, and given the proper amplification is among the best, and of course the Morel and many others can be better, but it still is very good and among the best so again...

Installation is always the key, so... My installer is Jeremy at Advanced Audio Designs in Sharon, MA, and this guy and his people can flat out reconstruct your car to make it sound right, if you and they want, so, please realize that installation in car audio IS EVERYTHING...equipment is certainly important, but please realize that installion is what makes or breaks your system and your equipment.

My 165's can not even realize their full potential as the doors they are in, my Ford Fusion, need work, and when giving them strong low frequencies the doors just can't handle it (just try Michel Jackson's "Billie Jean" on his "One's" CD',) I can have the doors redone by one of, if not the best, installer around anywhere on the planet, Jeremy at Advanced Audio Designs in Sharon, MA, but after $15k in a $19k car I'm about done! But PUHLEASSE, anyone saying these mid-bass drivers are deficient either have no ears, improper accompanying equipment, or knowledge, or... I just don't know, 'cause these drivers rock, and go very low.

If you want to judge, the rest of my system is Nakamichi CD700II, Alpine Processor and Controller (PXA-H701, RUX-C701), 2 Audison LRx 2.9 amps driving the Hertz MLK 165's in the front doors, and a Hertz ML 2500 subwoofer (with Jermey's custom built sealed box) in the trunk, with Pear Cable Bosc RCA's and Pear Bosc Speaker Cable and Pear Comice Amp Wire, and to ensure proper power supply, an Exide Orbital Purple Haze XCD battery. Sound deadening in the front doors with Cascade Audio Engineering, and the trunk spaces done with Hushmat. So, if you are not impressed with the Hertz MLK 165's, I have to say that either your system and/or install does not do them the proper justice they deserve, or, dare I incur your potential wrath, you have no clue or ear as to what quality car audio is!

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