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06-11-2009, 01:46 AM
ok, so i got a sealed enclosure kit that was 19 liters and the 10W0 recomends 18.41. so im good right now with the sealed enclosure. but id like to get a ported enclosure. i listen to mostly rock with a little bit of rap on occasion. im not exactly sure if i want to go ported. what are the benefits/drawbacks? i kno the sub will be louder and play lower but other than that what are the diferences.


edit: heres a link to the JL website with box specifications and other info: http://mobile.jlaudio.com/products_subs_enclusure.php?series_id=32

says to tune the port to 30hz, and the response will be 29.6 with a ported enclosure. sealed is 42.4.

06-11-2009, 01:48 AM
this is no question.....its ported FTW>

06-11-2009, 01:55 AM
lol, well my only problem is i cant just build a box and shove it in the trunk. i dont have alot of trunk space at all. if i get a ported box it would have to be cutom built to fit my car... AKA alot more than the 50 bux i paid for the sealed box.... i could build my own i guess but there are alot of curves to follow in a new beetles trunk.


06-11-2009, 02:13 AM
you are in fl, post up in the fl section, lots of box buildin dudes there

06-11-2009, 02:14 AM
liters wtf? i do ft^3 lol. And for that sub i say sealed. its more for sound quality not a big spl driver

06-12-2009, 12:21 AM
lol, literes is more exact. the amp i had running the sub before was only pushing maby 150w on a good day. im getting a Crunch P 1100.2 from a guy on here to run it. my problem is that the factory door speakers couls play lower than the sub.... that bothers me on many levels. i want to get the most out of the sub as i probobly wont be raplacing it for a long time.