View Full Version : Nolakid IS A SCAMMER!!!

06-10-2009, 09:29 PM
Just shipped the guy an Alpine 4 channel, I wont lie and say I shipped the day I said I was because I guarantee you over half my refs will vouch for me and say I get tied up and ship a day or two late but I ALWAYS ALWAYS communicate with my forum members. He threatens to open a claim on Monday if he doesnt have a tracking # by midnight and he received it by 5 pm that evening, after the package had arrived he still had not dropped the claim and I had to call paypal just now for them to return my money to my account, fastfocus just got screwed over by him the same way but with an Ipod, I dont believe he got his money back and im not sure the amount but regardless this guy with under 100 posts is out to get people so I heavily caution you before dealing with him. He has more than these 2 claims open by the way paypal talked to me so I don't believe I am jumping to any conclusions either, im not one to ever call someone a scammer.