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10-07-2003, 09:23 PM
I drive a Camaro Z28 droptop and I dont have much room for anything in the trunk. I measured everything up and for me to have a square box, my maximum dimensions are like this. 31x19x13.5 . That totals up to 4.6 ft^3. If I make my box to flare out on the sides, it would have one more cubic foot of air space. I have a picture below of what I am talkin about. Now, the drivers I am using are polk gnx104's and here are their stats.
Frequency Response: 18-400Hz
Fs (Hz): 39.6 Hz
Re 3.59 ohms
Le 1.65 mH
Qms 7.21
Qes .67
Qts .61
Vas .97 ft^3
SD 53.69 in^2
Sensitivity 97 dB
Xmax .24"

I want deeper bass then these are producing. I want it to be tuned to around 40Hz or so. If anybody could show me a layout for a basic box, or even if you want to be nice enough to figure out a box for the complex design. Round ports would be much simpler to design and build if one of you wants to do that.
Thanks in advance,

Edit: i forgot to post the pic

10-09-2003, 04:54 PM
hows 30 or 35 Hz sound?