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So im sitting at home really bored and would like to make some improvements to my apartment so i figured why not build a home theater? Im not to familiar with quality brands for speakers receivers ect.. that is except for the main stream ones like Bose for example so i could use some help in product selection. Now this is going to be a budget project and if i can find quality used equipment id like to go that route to save some money and ill probably be building enclosures myself for two reasons first to save money and second to entertain myself because like i said IM REALLY BORED! so here are some pictures of what equipment i currently have.

This used to be a built in book shelf I took a few pieces of 2x6 and built a brace across the opening. I then took a piece of 3/4 MDF covered in fabric and mounted it to the 2x6 and then made holes for my tv cable to come through and mounted the tv to the MDF.

Behind that the bookshelf still remains and i sat some speakers i had on the shelves so that they wouldnt be see. Im not sure what type of speakers they are but in each tower there is an 8" a 5" and a 3" speaker and there are two towers. The top speakers with the yellow tweeters are just sitting there not being used.


Here is a shot behind the tv you can see the shelves.


Here is a shot of the receiver that was given to me by a friend. Its a Nakamichi RE-2 and we also have a Nakamichi MB-3 disc changer.


And here is a shot of the living rooms space so you can get an idea of what im working with


Id like to go for a more low profile look so id prefer not to have a bunch of speaker stands everywhere. I have a lot of room behind the tv to conceal speakers and i could even make the TV stand into a speaker box like one i saw in another thread.


I have a good area behind the couch where I can mount some speakers up high (ignore the mess we are re modeling the whole apartment right now)

My goal is to have a nice surround sound setup with some nice bass so when im playing a game or watching a movie and something blows up you hear a good rumble. So any ideas on products enclosures and placement?

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That Boogieman sub will not be very good for HT. It starts to roll off sharply at 40hz.

You can do something like that though, with possibly larger subs.