View Full Version : I dont know what to do..

Super Pickle
05-29-2009, 09:49 PM
I am a little on the strapped for cash side, but deinfitley want to upgrade my stock infinity system in my 02 jeep grand cherokee. I was looking at those ID ctx65s and they look really nice... and i can get them and a nice amp to push them for around 350 and after installing and all i should be around 500 with wires and all... or i got offered a set of morel temp 6's plus a diamond d3 500.4 but that would cost $500 and probly cost me around 700 with wires and install and all.... for a person who's first time entering the aftermarket CA scene is now... what would you guys recommend?

and both my doors would be deadened with second skin no matter what, and it will all be installed correctly

The only thing i have in my car now is an eclipse cd 5100