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05-27-2009, 08:44 PM
well iam back into car audio after a long lay off, 12 years and alot has changed. i used to hang out in tempe az at a shop called streamline audio the best custom shop in az. used to run 6 jls 10w-6 ported in a jetta with 2 a600.2s running them. had another running the stage and an a400.2 for fill. mb quart was the speaker of choice for me back then. clarion hu plugged to a par 225 plugged to a ppi x over of course. all powered by wrangler alt and a gell cell with 1/0. now come to find out after all these years ppi is chinese JUNK bought by dei, i think i remember when that was first going through. mb quart chinese JUNK now owned by some parent company that doesnt give a **** about quality. i never would have believed it.

iam building again, and it seems like i gotta go all the way back to 1999 to 2001actually get an amp with real caps and resistors thats made in the good ole USA. iam using rockford 800 a2 powering 2 extant 10s for the low lows. an 500a2 for the highs powerin some 6.5 rockford sepretes with an aluminum tweeter( figure i'll give them a shot) alot of attinuation with these. a 360a2 for the fill on some great 6x9s havent decided wich ones yet prolly rockford. i like conisistancy and i dont like naming off a bunch o brand names when people ask me what i got there. having trouble picking a head unit when i left rockford units were pretty much the best around and now they dont make them anymore, what the f*ck! found some older units 8310 or an 8330 do these play burned cds? seeing as everything else is old school i'd like an o.s. h.u.. well glad to be back in the boat again . even if i cant go home .


11-16-2009, 11:45 AM
Welcome to CA.