View Full Version : Decently Priced Speakers + amp for SQ? A few questions!

05-24-2009, 06:40 AM
First off, hello to everyone on these forums. This is my first post, and I'm very new to car audio, which is why I've made my way to these forums. I'm currently building up the various parts for my system, and I'm now searching for speakers to complete my system. I listen to reggae and rap mostly, but I'm not too interested in super bangin' bass, just great sound quality that's nice on the ears.

I currently have a JL w0-4 sub which will likely be hooked up to a JL 250/1 amp. I just purchased a Pioneer DEH-6000ub head unit. So, now my next step is to get speakers, as well as an amp to power them. I plan on using the headunit to power the rear speakers just for rear fill, so I suppose I'll be needing suggestions for a 4 channel amp to run with speakers and tweeters.

I'm looking for 6"x8" (2 5/8" depth) speakers or 5"x7" speakers (I heard all 5x7's can be mounted in the same space, is this correct?) OR anything that'll fit in that size, and 1" (2" depth) tweeters. I'm not a serious audiophile or anything, but like I said, I'd like good SQ coming from these speakers. I'm very lost in terms of where to start looking, as there's just so many brands out there with so many variations, and I don't know what each of the different qualities of a speaker do in terms of how they're heard.

So basically could any of you point me in the right direction in terms of brand and #'s/specs i should be looking for? I'm not looking to spend too much $, maybe around $200-300 for all 6 speakers? If that's completely unreasonable, I'm willing to spend more, but I figured you'd all want a number to work around (since "expensive" is a very relative term).

Also, what amps are decently priced and will produce good SQ with which speakers? Do certain brands work better with others, and vice versa? I've been looking at purchasing a used JL 300/4, but if there are other comparable amps at a more reasonable price, I'd certainly like to know!

Lastly, how many watts RMS should be running through my speakers? through the tweeters?

I know that's a lot to read, but I'm hoping that I've provided enough info to get some help from all you audio-inclined members (unlike myself). I'd appreciate ANY help very much!

Thanks, and I hope I haven't annoyed anyone with my noobish questions.

05-24-2009, 01:53 PM
Instead of getting 6 new speakers i would suggest just getting a really nice set for the frontstage. Depending on what kind of sound you like on the tweeters you can go with different comp brands, some have a smooth tweeter and others have a sharper sounding tweeter. Have you heard any comps that you liked?

Good brands of comps are Focal, Rainbow, Boston, CDT, Crystal, Image Dynamics, Morel, Hertz.

Once you pick out a comp set you can then pick out an amp based on how much power they will need.