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05-24-2009, 12:56 AM
hi all,

i bought a pioneer p980bt HU and i'm in over my head with some of the settings...

here is what i have and the specs that pioneer has on their website...

pioneer d1720c speakers - in the dash
frequency response 30Hz - 33kHz
sensitivity (1W/1m) 88db

pioneer d702p speakers - roll bar
same specs and dash speakers

pioneer gm-6400f amp
4 X 60w (powering speakers)

pioneer SW1041D shallow mount subs (2)
frequency response 20 - 1000Hz
sensitivity 87db

pioneer amp (forget what kind)
pushing 250w to each sub

here are the options for my HU...


--cut off frequency--options

-18, -12, -6 (dB/oct)

what does this mean and what setting should i use? is there and advantage to setting the sub to run normal vs. reverse (they are facing up under my back seat)? what about running the mono vs. stereo?

and what about the high/low pass filter options?


-12, -6, pass (0)


-12, -6, pass (0)

i know i must sound ignorant, but i just don't know what this stuff means and what to put the settings at. any help with explaing this stuff and advice for the settings would be GREATLY appreciated.