View Full Version : What type of enclosure should I do?

05-22-2009, 02:47 PM
I have my f150 extended cab, and right now I've got a AQ HDC310A and a DD 3510d with e soft parts. Now I can can fire and direction as far as the port and the sub goes. I have almost 60 inches of width, 20 to 30 inches of depth, and about 24 inches of height. I also have two 4 inch aeros that I got kmanian (got the aq from him as well). I'm so anxious to get my aq in there but I cannot decide how I want this box to be. I was thinking ported. Port firing to the side, sub forward. But I wonder how it would be firing straight down at the floor? I've never seen anyone try it, but in my mind that might be the loudest because the floor is going to have the least flex of any part in my yet-to-be-deadend truck. So any thoughts, ideas? Opinions are more than welcome.