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05-22-2009, 03:20 PM
Hey all,
I'll get right to it.
I am currently driving a 97 Cutlass. My original Idea was to put 2 subs (either 12/15, pref 15) in my rear deck. There are 2 6x9s already in the place where i would want my subs to go. My plan is to make it "box-less" (not sure what the correct term for that is, but that's the plan.
My question: Is "all" i have to do is cut the right sized holes in the body that the speakers are sitting on.
Its kind of hard to explain. I understand that to do a "box-less" set up there needs to be an airtight seal between the "trunk" and the "listening area."

Is that fiberglass (shell of the car. Its the same color as the outside. Its the same type of thing that is on the firewall) enough to make the airtight seal?

More INFO: the seats fold down into the trunk. Does that make it so it does not seal?

IF this cannot work out (simply "cutting new holes") Could I still cut the holes but get a piece of MDF and make a vertical wall in that way, and still have the subs aim towards the rear window.

I'm trying as hard as I can to explain this in the way I want to explain it. But I do not have the car. It is at the shop. Otherwise I would just take a picture.

I wanted to set it up so the subs would be on the rear deck, where it would be visible to see them from the "cabin/listening area"
1. Can i basically replace my rear deck speakers with subs?
2. If the seats folding down does not create the right seal, could I build a vertical wall that would make it airtight?
3. I couldnt find a sticky or a thread that was basically "How to Build a Sub Wall" So if someone knows where that is, I'd like to read it

I'm looking for a pretty hefty project here its a long summer.