View Full Version : Been out of the HU game for awhile

05-22-2009, 12:50 PM
So my Pioneer is going to hell and it looks like I will be doing some HU shopping. I haven't really researched HU's in about 5 years so I am not knowledgable about what is worthwhile. The things I am looking for:

USB port. I am not sure if drive capacity is an issue, but one that can handle a high capacity thumb drive. I think I heard you can connect external HD's, but I am not sure.
User friendly search functions when using an USB device.
Relatively decent EQ'ing and crossover functionality. Maybe something more than 3 band EQ and some decent crossover functions.
At least 4v outputs.
Relatively decent sound and won't crap out on me the day after the warranty expires.
Looking to keep it at around $300.
No Pioneer. I have come to the conclusion from experience their build quality is absolute crap.

So is this possible for my budget?