View Full Version : Need Help building a box for 2 15's

05-21-2009, 11:35 AM
Looking to design a box for my 99 gmc yukon. The subs I have are both Diamond Audio D9 15" dvc 4ohm. I will be powering it with a Diamond Audio d5 1200.1 mono amp rms at 1400-1600 watts at 1 ohm so I will be wiring it down to 1 ohm. Currently I am running one at 32hz slot ported in a 3.5cuft box sound good really makes the ear buzz and body panels flex.

Below is a specs of my sub:

SPL (dB) 88
Z (Ω) (series) 8
Re (Ω) (series) 6.2
Qms 3.7
Qes 0.53
Qts 0.49
Fs (Hz) 26
Vas (liters) 75
Sd (m2) 0.0785
BL (T*M) 29
Xmax (mm) 26
Pwr (W) nom/max 1000/2000

The dimensions I have come up with is at 8.32 cubic ft inside.

Width: 44"
Height: 18"
Depth: 22"

The port dimensions are tuned at 34Hz

Port Width: 5"
Port Height: 18"
Port Length: 17.4"

I plan on doing it port back subs up.

Any thought or help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,