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05-20-2009, 10:07 PM
I know there are probably a million reviews on this HU already, but I just wanted to give my personal thoughts on the unit after using it for ~4 months.

First, let me say that my system is built around pure SQ, not SPL. I love this headunit. I have it running a 3-way active system with tweeters, 7" mids and a pair of 10" subwoofes (for now).

This unit has a very appealing look. I like the way this unit looks compared to other Pioneers and Alpines. Its has a symmetric appearance and has a bit of flash but at the same time looks classy.

The sound quality is superb. It is a great source unit. The time alignment feature is pretty cool and really shapes the stage of my system. It also has a 16 band graphic equalizer built in which can be tuned for left and right individually (which is AWESOME). The crossover and slope options are plentiful, and I always find myself going back and forth trying to find that perfect setting for my particular application. Once you get used to it, its very easy to tweak the setting with this unit and the results are outstanding for just a single din unit doing all the processing. It has the option of using Auto TA and Auto EQ using a mic, but I found it to not be perfectly accurate and have had much better results from setting everything personally with my ears. I have gotten the subwoofers to just about disappear, and i have the stage pretty centered.

I also like that you can turn off the internal amplifier (since I dont use it), keeping the unit cooler. The backlight options on the face are pretty neat as well.

A couple things I do not like:
1) The ipod interface. Its nice to do it through the unit, but it isnt full speed. Also, it ***** having to buy a $100 device separately just to get ipod interface (where with other units you just need a simple $20 cable).
2) The pre-outs are WEAK. If your amplifiers dont have much headroom, you may need a line-driver to get full potential from them. The pre-outs really are that bad.
3) The subwoofer level takes a while to get to. I wish it were quicker so I can easily turn the sub off when I want to. While I could easily do this with the amplifier remote, I wish the unit could do it quicker.
4) I bought mine used and it was treated for the Pico-fuse issue by the previous owner. Just keep this issue in mind...those pico fuses blow easily.


05-20-2009, 10:59 PM
Here is what it looks like: