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09-27-2003, 07:27 AM
My system is for sound clarity.

Alpine 9815 CD Player
Eclipse AV8022 DVD Player
4AWG throughout (except 12awg nice speaker wire)
Focal 165 K2's Fronts
Focal TN41 Tweeters
JL 5 1/4 Coaxle TR's Rear
JL 10W7 in a ported box
JL 500/1 sub amp
Alpine T420 (110x2 RMS) Front speaker amp
Rears are running off of deck power (60wattsX4)
Rockford 1 Farad Capacitor (distributor)

The cd player is awesome, amazing control and amazing sound. The only problem's are minor, and no one would ever notice it, but the lack of a 24db eq adjustment, and lack of time display options **** me off. Highly recommend this though, one of my top 3 cd players that exist (alpine 7998 and the top of the line eclipse)

The DVD player is alright, very handy, great control, allows for your system to expand greatly, perfect for me, but not for everybody.

Focals are the best, I've never heard such an amazing speaker brand, they all sound so clear and accurate, and they last forever. They can handle so much power, create a perfect sound stage, and are very hard to blow.

The JL speakers are perfect for filler, clear, loud, great mid-bass, and don't pull back any of the sound from the front (can hardly tell they're on).

The JL 10W7, in my opinion is the best sub in the world. Soooo clear and soooo accurate, and unlike anything I've ever heard before. It truly makes normal subwoofer designs unsatisfactory.

JL 500/1's are beautiful hard and punchy amps. It makes just about any subs (I had 2 12 Orion Xtr's running off of it) sound as loud as they're going to get without sacrificing any variable voltage levels. The amp really must be discussed on a one to one bases to discuss all of it's beauties.

The Alpine-T420 is a bit too bright, but in my opinion the best 2-channel amp on the market. It makes my focals rock, any tweeter loves it's signal, and it's a very stable amp with a capacitor. Don't use it to run bad speakers or subs in my opinion, but it will sound great when it's on my rears and I have a JL 450/4 in the front. That'll be when I release a full blown review, I will provide everything down to RTA metered adjustments via the gain.

If you have any personal questions about this stuff, just PM me or email me at [email protected]