View Full Version : excelon 25th anniversary components

05-18-2009, 02:28 AM
need some help heres the deal . i have a kenwood excelon xxv-02a amp at 88x4 or 120x4 at 2ohms. i have kenwood excelon 25th anniversary xxv-04s speakers. i wish to either bi power the speakers at 176x2 or at 2 ohms 120x2. kenwood underates it speakers but not sure that much. i usually tune a system by turning head unit volume to max and then amp gain all the way down and then slowly turning amp gain up until distortion is heard. using that method anyone hopefully a kenwood dealer will let me know if i can get away with bi powering or using 120x2 on the speakers without danger to the speakers if the mentioned setup is followed. if i cant i am going to buy a set of alpine spx-17pro which are rated at 100 watts RMS im sure they can handle 120x2 maybe even 88x4 bipower, yes....no?