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05-18-2009, 02:27 AM
Hey everyone -i got some weird stuff going on with my system-okay i have a sony deck 4 5x7 pioneers in the doors ford explorer- im running 2 amps one for mids and one for the subs the mids amp is a kenwood 8404-4 channel putting 60w rmsx4 to the pioneers-no problem there they rock loud and clean. I'm running an Alphasonik pma2500a to my subs which are 15 inch soundstream t-4s im running the dual 1 ohm coils in series for a 2 ohm load per sub -amp is running stereo at 2 ohms for 800 rms per sub-power wire is 4 gauge to distribution block from there it splits 3 ways -4 gauge to a 3.5 farad capacitor- 4 gauge to the alphasonik-6 gauge to the kenwood. ground wires are set up the same 4ga 4 ga 6 ga. Used a mini grinder to grind down to chassis and used thick *** bolts to get a good ground - evrything appears fine but when i bump that thing for too long the subs cut out-im thinking its the amp-but its fan cooled half gain and bass boost is only half too-i never turn the deck up past 3/4 and the eq is set on vocal so im not clipping my signal at all and no audible distortion - ive ben doing this audio stuff for a while and never had a problem so far i upgraded my sub amp from a punch 600.2 and i never had a problem with that but im wondering if i need 1/0 gauge wiring to handle the current draw-whatcha guys think?

05-22-2009, 07:15 PM
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