View Full Version : I need some advice with a speaker setup

05-17-2009, 07:09 PM
ok im on a budget with the componet set, well i have a 1998 tahoe im going to upgrade the stock speakers to some new ones, now i have had different ideas, im just neededing some opionions on them, ok im on a budget trying not to spend to much, i have been looking at the sony xplod 6.5 componets, i know that sony isnt the best in the car audio world, but i found them for $55 dollars on ebay, ok i was first thinkin of buying 3 sets of these componets, i was going to put 2 sets in the front doors, 2 mid woofers and 2 tweeters in each front door and i was going to power them with a sony xplod 600 watt amp, then just having the other set of componets in the rear doors off of the HU amp, then also having some 6X9s in the rear off the HU Amp, now my sub setup is about 1500 watts, i was wondering if this much mids and highs would be to much more then the bass? my other idea was to just buy 2 sets of componets 1 set in front doors, and 1 set in rear doors powerd by the sony amp, then the 6x9s off the HU Amp? would that sound fine, i know you are supose to concentrate on the front fill more then the rear, or i could just buy 1 set of high powered componets for the front doors and run it with a High 2 channel amp? what do you guys think