View Full Version : Optimal way of slicing baffles for speaker "Raincoat"

05-12-2009, 03:30 PM
My Mazda 3 gets water in the doors, and I want to cover my speaker. I decided, instead of cutting up plastic bowls, to just buy a set of baffles from crutchfield.

I don't want to compromise the performance of the speaker. Or, I want to reduce the performance of the driver as little as possible.

Now, I heard people cutting the baffle in half long ways (so it's kind of like a skateboard halfpipe) and leaving the bottom half of the baffle off to let the speaker breathe.

I also read of people cutting the "***-end" off so the speaker is covered completely around, but it isn't sealed (big gaping hole at the end of the baffle, no water should be able to get in)

My question, are these 2 approaches equivalent, or will the "halfpipe" cut be optimal? I'd like to just cut the end off so my speaker is completely covered, but if I will get a performance increase by cutting a "halfpipe", I'll do that instead.

Hope my terminology made sense.