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05-10-2009, 05:12 PM
I just paid for my iphone dev account and will have some UDID's open for the new version of iPhone 3.0 for 2g and 3G iphones..

I am not going to sell any until I get my access but I have been using 3.0 for sometime and LOVE it, copy and past MMS ( Photos in your text ) there is like 100 new cool things in there..

Once I get my access I will do them for $4.99 and will give you a link to the latest version of the iPhone software..

This is still beta and I had to pay $299 to get access so I am just trying to get back some of my money so if you want 3.0 before everyone else this is a nice cheap way.. :)

My paypal is [email protected] but please wait until I get full acess to 3.0 so I can add your uDID..



Requirements Make sure you have downloaded 3.0 software Beta 3 for the right device, if you have iPhone 3G then download the right one for that. Have the IPSW file ready. Make sure you are running a Mac with Leopard or PC with Windows XP/Vista and you have the latest version of iTunes. In order to make the payment you will need a Paypal account, it is free to sign up for one. WARNING: Make sure your iPhone is not unlocked, after upgrading to 3.0 your iPhone cannot be unlocked (at least for now).

Step 1 Find out your UDID. To do this, connect your iPhone to your computer, then open iTunes and then click on the iPhone tab on the left, then click on the Serial number of your iPhone and it will change into UDID code. Then press Ctrl + C or Command + C in mac and it will copy the code.

Step 2 Click Activate on the top of this website and include your iPhone/iPod’s UDID code.

Step 3 Open iTunes, right click on your iPhone on the left and click Backup, this is done to make sure you don’t loose your data. After you have received a confirmation from me that I have added your device, you may begin installing. To install just hold shift key on your keyboard (or option key in mac) and press "Check For Update" in iTunes and select the IPSW file you downloaded. This takes about 10-15mins and after it is done it will activate itself.