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05-10-2009, 11:24 AM
Hi all,

I recently was fortunate enough to win a free trunk pack of Damplifier Pro which amounts to 20 square feet of the new industry standard vibration damping formula of self adhesive butyl rubber coated on one side by aluminum. This is the review I was asked to write in return for receiving the product for free. My camera is missing somewhere - so I had to take pics with my cell phone and I'm still trying to figure out how to get them moved to my pc (getting old I guess and losing touch with the high tech of the new age!) I'll put'em up when I can - but I'm sure you've seen pics of damper installations before!

My car was built in stages over the last three years and along the way, Iíve used one dynamat speaker kit, about 4 sheets of cascade, 2-3 rolls of Raammatt BXT , a couple yards of ensolite and 48sq ft of fiber based RV insulation. The entire trunk was left stock and due to finances - I never got to finish it... this made me really happy - especially since I have always though Damplifier Pro would be about the best stuff available! FYI - my experience taught me to NEVER go cheap on this product - getting goey crap all over your new car just isn't cool - seriously, spend the money to do it right and don't skimp or you will regret it! Its clear right off that Damplifier Pro is among the highest quality products in terms of keeping the rubber in place and neatly covered...

Letís start with the packaging and shipping. It arrived safely on my door within just a few days of processing the orderÖ nice start. The box was nice and did a great job protecting the product, although upon opening the box, I found that most of the sheets were stuck to the box... No big deal Ė but it did take a little time to get the product out of the box.

DP turned out to look almost exactly like I had expected. It has a nice and hefty feeling layer of aluminum on top and you can tell just from feeling it that it isnít going to split and let the rubber get through under any normal use. It was either the thickest or tied for the thickest layer of rubber of any of the products Iíd tried or seen before, and checking the web sites of some competitors shows it to be one of the heaviest per square foot available. This makes it so you donít have to do as many double layers (paying more and doing more work) to get quality coverage. The DP trunk pack includes 12 Ė 20Ē x 12Ē sheets Ė which seemed like an awful lot of deadener for the $90 asking price, especially considering its quality. In fact, I went to the Dynamat site and found it was twice as expensive for the same amount!!!

Ok, last night I went through the fun of removing my false floor /amp rack, extra battery, amps, relay box, cd changer and the terminations of a number of wires Ė whew! I decided on the simple strategy of covering as much space as possible first, since I really didn't know where the most noise was generated.

The sheets were nicely sized making it pretty simply to just lay out the panels in advance and see what fit best and made the best use. I wouldn't have wanted a bigger or smaller sheet size since these fit into the wheel wells and yet also covered a good amount with each piece. (+1 Damplifier!) ĖIt also cut quite easily. The top aluminum layer is more durable than probably any other brand Iíve used. I did manage to cut my index finger trying while sliding my finger along a seam, but you canít have it both waysÖ and the last thing you want it the aluminum layer to bust through and end up letting the rubber escape possibly getting into places where it can make a mess!

I used the sides and top of a screwdriver to push through any bubbles and to apply pressure to get a firm grip. I'd say the adhesive was good but it probably wasn't the best I'd used. Other than my user error (I didnít get all the cleaning agent off from one spot), the product did a nice job of staying in place and it didnít need any more pressure than any other brand Iíve used to get it to stick in what I expect will be a permanent fashion.

When I was getting close to complete, I realized that,even though it seemed like a lot of product, I could have done with a couple of more sheets. Thankfully, with its price point, you will have some cash left over if you do decide to buy another pack.

Ok, well the job is done and the damping is in! I would have liked to have used a DB meter and drove on a test strip of road at night with no other cars to see if I could actually measure a difference in noise. Since I didnít do that, all I can tell you is that it subjectively seems like DP did a pretty darned good job at lowering the noise coming from the rear end of my car. Honestly, it seems to have made a nice difference! Sadly, my Civic isnít the quietest car ever made Ė in fact itís sort of noisy (or was). But, itís apparent that Damplifier pro cut down some of the noise (especially the higher frequency stuff although it seemed to help with the deeper sounds some too) coming up from behind the rear seats.

It also made an impact on the rattles generated with my new sub. When I first swapped to the GTI from an IDMAX, I found a number of new rattles from the rear end and theyíve all disappeared with the installation of the damplifier Ė making me a happy camper.

When these products are so similar in construction, itís tough to chose one from the next based only on manufacturers claims. My experience with a number of these products allows me to honestly recommend this product as what I believe is the best value product of its kind. No product is perfect and I am fussyÖ as you can tell from aboveÖ but, DP is a top quality product which meets or exceeds the performance level of anything else I've used - and it does it at a very reasonable price point! It weights more per sq foot (assuming it meets the published specs) than anything else I've seen and comes in at half the price of dynamat. I was impressed by the packaging and suspect the service support would be excellent based on my dealings with them and their involvement on diyma.

As long as it stays stuck in place, (and I'm pretty sure it will) Iíll definitely be using this if I do another car. I'd love to try some of their luxury liner pro too as it seems like the ideal topper to Damplifier Pro. Recommended without hesitation... no need to shop around... just do it! Thank you very much for allowing me to try this out for free!

Pre installation:



Post installation:




All Reassembled - note- since I bought the JBL GTi 12 sub, I've got to redo the entire trunk to get it in the custom reinforced fglass enclosure I'd planned... a lot of work, but its worth it (GREAT SUB) and the old standby box works fine for the meantime


And lastly, I have to sneak in a shot of the beautiful Granddaughter my son brought me, after giving me a lot of reason to believe he wouldn't live long enough to have a family... she's a beaut


Thanks Second Skin for making a great product and giving me the chance to review it!