View Full Version : 82 Firebird/Trans Am - Box for two 12 CVRs?

05-10-2009, 12:29 AM
I got an 82 trans am, which is the third gen, as im sure most know. I have two 12 Kicker CVRs. They are the older model with grey cone and black dust cap. Not the silver models.

I was thinking of fabbing up a box to fit in the rear well area. Im not sure if it would even be worth it tho. The subs were in two small "truck" boxes (homemade) and i screwed them together from the inside and carpeted, sh*tty job but it works i guess. But the thing is i havent actually powered them up with any decent power while in this car, due to not having an amp at the moment.

What is the recomended box specs, ports etc for these subs? These subs were actually pretty loud in the tiny sealed boxes. But as i was searching for box specs on them i read that sealed boxes are sh*t for these subs. So id really like to try a ported box to see how they sound. My main concern is i seriously doubt im gona have enough room to get the right cubic feet for two of them.

Any ideas, recomendations, etc? I wont be getting anything new at this point tho. Eventually i might go with some 10s. Some 10s would be able to sound better in the smaller space i have, right? Sorry i am new to the box thing. I know the box plays a huge part in how a sub sounds tho, so i want to make one to get the full potential to them..

Also as far as tuning, what do i want it tuned to? I want deep low bass, as deep as i can go without it sounded all distorted. Or would sealed be better?

Thanks for any help/info in advance.