View Full Version : 600.1

09-23-2003, 10:39 AM
i know there is already a review on this amp but i figured i'd put my 2 cents in anyways, i got this amp to power a single se 15, it powers the sub fine, with a few small annoyances, first of all it can and will blow fuses at the drop of a hat, which isn't really much of a problem, the second problem i had with it was the ground, i had to search and search for a ground location it liked, i tried first off with the same ground that i use for my hifonics 1500, the amp didn't like it and it would shut on and off repeatedly, i finally found a good ground but it took me 3 different locations and about 30mins of searching........this is amp is very touchy about it's fuses and grounds..i don't like the fact that it lacks a ssf and the settings are kinda of hard to get right because of the way the nobbs for the gains ect are setup........it does put out it's rated power however and stays cool at 2 ohms...(theres no need to run it at 1ohm b/c there is no power increase) i like the simple looks and aesthetics....