View Full Version : Which choice to make?

05-08-2009, 03:48 PM
Maybe somebody can give me some advise.
At the moment i'm doubting to sell my Kenwood KDC-W9537U and by an Alpine radio/mediastaion instead. But I find it very hard to make a choice between the following types:

- Alpine CDA 9886R with a PXA-H100 processor
- Alpine IVA D310
- Alpine IVA D106 with PXA-H100 processor
- Alpine IVA D900

The last 3 are mediastations, with which you can look dvd's on a flipscreen, the D106 even has the possibility to play DivX movies.
The D310 and the D106 are touchscreens. The D900 isn't, but the screen does have a way better resolution.
The 9886R has an usb connection on which you easily connect a usbstick loaded with music.

What also counts is what everything costs. The D310 can I buy for 450 euro. The D900 for about 350 euro.
But the D106 is newer and can play more different video types, but is also more expensive.

Andoffcourse there is the 9886R, a radio without a flipscreen. Somehow this also attracks me, because how many times will you effectively use the flip screen? Well ok, this year we are going to make some big trips with the car and also many times friends of us travel with us when going to parties or something like that.

Are there more things I should concider? Is there a difference in audio quality?
What would your choice be an why?