View Full Version : hifonics bx1500D 2003 model

09-22-2003, 10:22 AM
i'm about to write the review on this thing, but what would everyone like to know about the amp?

is it good = yes
does it get hot = yes/no, i ran for over 3 hrs and was "warm"
is it 1ohm stable = yes
better than previous yrs model = yes
rms, this i have a pblm w/because hifonics isn't TRUE to what they say b/w the website, box, manual (they all say the amp is rated at 1500 watts @ 1ohm) this i know is true. the rest, i'm kind of iffy on... 2ohm rating i saw 750 watts and 1k... for 4ohm i saw 500 watts, 400 watts, 450 watts.. so that i think hifonics needs to improve on.
another fault is the size of the fuse - u can't find this baby anywhere, and i think its always good to have 2 extra fuses in ur car - ya know 'just incase'... so to solve this, i say when u buy the amp, go to a website and get a maxi fuse as well so they come at the same dang time!

w/the amp being class D i still think that it is also necessary to list rms & max at 12 and 14 volts and this goes for any amp.

i hope u find my review helpful, if u have anything u awnt to know, ask here and i'll try to answer your question.........

everything above is strictly my opinion

the amp is very clean and slick, the blue lcd is wonderful and doesn't get in the way when driving however the only way to turn the lcd off is to turn off ur hu or put something over it, so if u have an suv or something to where ur amp is exposed, u need to turn off ur stuff before u pull in somewhere to park, keep the people w/the "quick fingers" away.

otherwise everything else is great, phase control, ssf, bass boost, remote wire, amp mounting, allen wrench (i love the wire inputs where u don't ahve to buy terminals (if that's what they're called)), gain/level control, and lp filter